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Common Faults and Solutions of UV Curable Flatbed Printer

Fault 1. Bracket of nozzle car jitters during printing and there are noises and image twill.
Solution: Apply appropriate amount of lubricating oil into the rail four times a day and clean the rail frequently.

Fault 2. There is emergency stop and forward and backward repeat movement during printing.
Solution: 1) Replace the part if there is abrasion on the grating ruler or tighten the belt if it is too loose.
2) Put the emergency stop switch back in place.

Fault 3. The nozzle is blocked and is opened after suction. But it is blocked again after printing and there is stripe on the image.
Solution: 1) Check if there is air coming into the nozzle when the negative pressure is too high. If so, exclude the air.
2) Maintain constant temperature.
3) Check if the nozzle pressure is appropriate. If not, adjust it to the right one.
4) Replace the ink.
5) Adjust the negative pressure of the ink to the appropriate value.
6) Check if the water in the pump isn't drained which causes water condensing in the negative pressure system and affects the stability of the negative pressure.

Fault 4. Dislocation and image blurring arise during printing.
Solution: 1) Clean or replace the grating.
2) Adjust the two-way compensation.
3) Calibrate grid.
4) Adjust the nozzle height to the right one (the closer the distance between the nozzle and the media, the higher the precision)

Fault 5. The flatbed printer crashes and the display screen shows the same content.
Solution: 1) Slow down key operation.
2) Shut down the printer and then start it again.

Fault 6. After booting the UV curable flatbed printer, a particular color of ink doesn't stop supplying.
Solution: 1) Replace the second cartridge liquid level sensor.
2) Add the Kincolor ink supply alarm system.

Fault 7. A particular color of ink doesn't jet after normal startup.
Solution: 1) There is dirt on the data cable and adapter of the nozzle leading to poor contact.
2) Check if this color of ink and the negative pressure are normal.

Fault 8. There is apparent PASS mark when printing patterns.
Solution: 1) Adjust the step value to the right one.
2) Adjust the color feathering value.

Fault 9. Color deviation is serious.
Solution: 1) Check if the export image format is correct (RGB, CMYK). Black can be output when the four kinds of color are all 100%.
2) Check if the export print mode is changed.
3) Check if the print color curve is changed.

Fault 10. Startup is normal, but all the four kinds of color do not jet or the machine can't print.
Solution: 1) Check if the data cable connection is valid.
2) Check if the emergency switch is pressed by accident.

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