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Routine Maintenance of UV Curable Flatbed Printer

1. The operating environment temperature should between 18℃ and 22℃ and the indoor humidity is 40%-60%. Too high or too low temperature and humidity will affect the normal operation of the UV curable flatbed printer.

2. Every time before starting, clean the rail and then wipe new oil. It is required to clean every eight hours and use lubricants with low viscosity.

3. Before printing, check the table to see if there is foreign object. Check the height of the print head and make sure the distance between the print head and the media is 2-3mm.

4. Press the ink switch no longer than three seconds each time to prevent emptying the ink box or damaging electromagnetic valve. Repeat pressing is allowed.

5. The print head should be cleaned gently from inside to outside and from light-colored area to dark-colored area with the special cleaning paper in a single direction. Do not clean it repeatedly or use too much strength. Speed should not be fast to prevent the nozzle film shedding.

6. Filter on the cartridge should be replaced every 3 to 6 months and filter in the ink supply tank should be replaced every 6 to 8 months.

7. When sealing the print head in each shutdown, please clean it and then seal it with plastic wrap.

8. Please keep nozzle plate, nozzle adapter plate and other circuit boards clean to prevent short circuit caused by pollution of ink or other liquid. Regularly check raster and raster decoder to see if there is any friction scratch.

9. All electronic components on the UV curable flatbed printer should not be plugged in or out with the power on, otherwise the nozzle or other components will be damaged.

10. During the printing pause, it is recommended to start the flash spray function to keep the nozzle moist. Note that the sprayed ink drops should avoid splashing.

11. The UV light box fan should not stop working until10 minutes after the lamp is closed and the light box temperature reduces to the room temperature.

12. Do not touch the lamp cover to prevent hurting.

13. The UV curable flatbed printer should be placed away from doors and windows. Make sure light can not shine on the print head.

14. Operators are recommended to wear UV protection glasses.

15. The operation room should be equipped with air circulation facilities. Try to keep air humidity, temperature and cleaning constant to reduce damage to the health of operators caused by excessively concentrated ozone.

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    1. UV Curable InkWith good adhesion to media and no VOC, the UV curable ink yields rich color and bright picture, which is widely used. It should be stored away from light at room temperature. Under the above conditions, the UV curable ink can be stored for 12 months after leaving the factory. Do not let dust and debris contaminate the ink.