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Application of UV Curable Flatbed Printer

More and more clients want to print patterns directly on printing plate, eliminating the processes of laminating and mounting. UV curable flatbed printer can print on all flat plates, such as PS, PVC, ABS, acrylic, glass, metal, wood plate, etc, and provide more materials for your creative solutions.

The UV curable flatbed printer can be used for graphics printing of low-volume and personalized signs. There is no need to make plate and the response time is fast. The sample is discharged after 5 minutes, which saves your precious time.

Patterns can be printed directly on wardrobe doors, cabinet doors, painting doors, children's furniture, etc., by our UV curable flatbed printer, which solves the personalized pattern problem of the whole furniture industry and opens a new era of painted furniture.

Combination of traditional crafts and digital printing is an innovation in the industry. The flatbed printer can print directly on glass and realize overall printing, local printing, back white, mixing with white, bunking and other complex processes. Quality of the product is higher than that of the photo enhanced glass. The machine can also print some patterns that can not be done by men for sand sculpture and ice sculpture.

Personalized tile mural is used more and more in decoration. The digital printer solves the artificial hand-drawn pattern's problem of stiffness, high cost and slow speed, injecting new vitality into the market of digital brick.

Our UV curable flatbed printer can conduct coating and reactive printing on cut pieces, T-shirts, sweaters and other textiles, which is highly efficient. The consistent quality and high yield help improve economic efficiency for traditional printing business.

Main Products
    1. Odorless InkThe first three types have a lightfast level of 6 to 7 grade and there is no noticeable fading after one year, while the last three types have a lightfast level of 8 grade and will show no apparent fading after three years. With the main solvent of ethers, these six types of ink have filtering precision less than one micron and the viscosity range is 8 to 12 cps. Our odorless ink has characteristics of rich and lasting color ...
    1. UV Curable InkWith good adhesion to media and no VOC, the UV curable ink yields rich color and bright picture, which is widely used. It should be stored away from light at room temperature. Under the above conditions, the UV curable ink can be stored for 12 months after leaving the factory. Do not let dust and debris contaminate the ink.